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Our Partners

Landbank of the Philippines

Land Bank of the Philippines, stylized as LANDBANK or also known by its initials, LBP, is a universal bank in the Philippines owned by the Philippine government with a special focus on serving the needs of farmers and fishermen.

Solutions, inc

Is an IT company based in Bicol region that provides software subscription, integration and other technical services. It is most known for its Rural Bankers’ Software Technology (RBSoftech) which is a core banking software that incorporates the entire spectrum of banking operations on one single software that allow real-time access from any location.

Grameen Bank

The Grameen Bank (Bengali: গ্রামীণ বাংক) is a microfinance organisation and community development bank founded in Bangladesh. It makes small loans (known as microcredit or "grameen credit") to the impoverished without requiring collateral.

Grameen Trust

Grameen Trust is committed to the cause of poverty alleviation. It uses microcredit as a tool for fighting poverty and follows Grameen Bank Approach for the purpose. It was established by Professor Muhammad Yunus in 1989. It is a non-profit and non-government organization.

Microcredit Summit

An American non-profit organization, started as an effort to bring together microcredit practitioners, advocates, educational institutions, donor agencies, international financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and others involved with microcredit around the goal of alleviating world poverty through microfinance.

Microfinance Council
of the philippines inc.

MCPI is the national network of microfinance institutions working towards sustainable, innovative and client-responsive solutions to poverty in the country. MCPI is currently comprised of 66 institutions, including 55 regular members and 11 support institutions.

Microfinance Transparency.org

It was established to promote the welfare of poor micro-entrepreneurs, and to promote the integrity of microfinance as a poverty alleviation practice. Our industry continues to grow into one that is dynamic and far-reaching. It is applied all over the world in many creative forms, and with the participation of many types of stakeholders.

Misean cara, mission support from Ireland

Misean Cara is an Irish-based charity working to bring about transformation through supporting missionary organisations and their partners.

Missionary Society of St. Columban, ireland and australia

The Columbans are a missionary society of priests who work in 17 countries including: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Britain, Ireland, China, Japan, Korea, Myanmar (former Burma), Philippines, Taiwan, Pakistan, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and the United States. St Columbans Mission Society was formally founded in 1918 and takes its name from St Columban, Ireland's sixth century missionary to Europe.

Rabo Bank, Netherland

Rabobank Group is a full-range financial services provider that operates on cooperative principles. Its origins lie in the local loan cooperatives that were founded in the Netherlands nearly 110 years ago by enterprising people who had virtually no access to the capital market. Rabobank Group is comprised of independent local Rabobanks plus Rabobank Nederland, their umbrella organization, and a number of specialist subsidiaries.

Microfinance Information Exchange

MIX Market provides instant access to the data, analysis, and tools that deliver key insights into the financial inclusion sector. Whether you are a Financial Service Provider (FSP), investor, or policymaker, the MIX Market platform can help you assess financial, operational, and social performance.

Risk Management Solutions for Asia and the Pacific, Inc. (RIMANSI)

RIMANSI Organization for Asia and the Pacific, Inc. (RIMANSI) was established in March 2005 as a regional resource center based in the Philippines to help professionalize the management of mutual benefit associations and microinsurance programs that provide affordable, comprehensive, and quality risk protection to millions of poor people in Asia and the Pacific.

RIMANSI Mutual Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc. (RMSI)

RIMANSI Mutual Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc. (RMSI) is a social business which seeks to offer a broad range of affordable risk protection services to its' member-institutions with the end view of low income clients having access to available and affordable life and non-life insurance products and services.


PhilCare understands that healthcare goes a long way. We know that achieving overall wellness requires focus on many aspects of life, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we come up with health plans designed to cover the distinct health needs of Filipinos. Along with this, PhilCare is taking advantage of the rapid technological advancements to ensure the quality and ease of customer experience.


GCash is a Philippine mobile payments service owned by Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc., and operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary, G-Xchange, Inc.

Department of Agrarian reform

The lead government agency that holds and implements comprehensive and genuine agrarian reform which actualizes equitable land distribution, ownership, agricultural productivity, and tenurial security for, of and with the tillers of the land towards the improvement of their quality of life.